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Dark Asylum - Matthew Cowden The blurb for Matthew Cowden's [b:Dark Asylum|14624660|Dark Asylum|Matthew Cowden|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1338162044s/14624660.jpg|20268770] ends with the line: "Only read Dark Asylum if you wish to suffer...". Never was a truer word written about this book although I suspect that my interpretation wasn't quite what they meant. Dark Asylum was a free Kindle download – I seem to, too easily, fall into the trap of downloading more free ebooks than I can ever hope to read – and at that price I guess it was at least good value for money...

The story is clumsy and cliché laden. A Victorian gothic mansion in Pennsylvania plays host to what I assume would have become a reasonably conventional horror novel. I say 'assume' as I only managed 14% of the book before giving up (which means that this doesn't count towards my 2013 Reading Challenge), but I quickly reached the point where sniggering at the prose was providing way more enjoyment than actually reading the story and I couldn't go on. Cowden has a strong affection for adjectives, the purpler the better: everybody has 'goggling' eyes, our heroine 'endeavours' around instead of walking, the housekeeper has 'blank orbs' instead of eyes and 'mystery suffused throughout her ambiguous aura'. But the biggest annoyance, for me, was the continual need to keep referring to everything as Victorian – would people really keep referring to an architectural period by the name of the reigning monarch, especially in another country? It just grated every time.