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Catching Fire  - Suzanne  Collins So, relaxing from the successes of having won her Hunger Games, Katniss is preparing to be the mentor at the next Hunger Games. Oh wait, hang on, these are some how 'special Hunger Games' and all the previous rules are off. Instead we're suddenly plunged into a Hunger Games Christmas Special - and this time it's previous winners only. Magically, all the districts manage to field at least one candidate - how did that happen?

Again, Katniss is blissfully unaware of events going on around her. The tour through other districts, the obvious hints at an underground movement, the continuation of the on/off relationship issues with Peetr or Gale (depending on which way the wind is blowing). Yet somehow, Collins' represents a convincing young girl. Caught up in her own moment and unaware of those of other people around her.

The whole novel is of Katniss slowly starting to realise that she isn't the centre of her own universe, that people other than Gale and her sister are depending on her. Oh, and at the same time, having to go through the whole Hunger Games thing again. It's easy to pick holes, but that must be a bitch... The most frustrating part of the book is how Katniss is ALWAYS several pages (if not chapters) behind the rest of us. I guess we have the benefit of seeing the bigger picture (and being past our 'teens) but still, does she have to be so slow to catch on?