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I Think the Nurses are Stealing My Clothes: The Very Best of Linda Smith - Linda Smith Blimey, this was a hard read - two weeks to get through 365 pages of book. And to be honest, it felt like longer sometimes. But, for that I blame the format much more than the material.

The book intersperses transcripts and scripts from live shows, radio and TV appearances with memories of Linda by friends and colleagues throughout her career. Unfortunately scripts and transcripts that sounded great on stage or on the radio don't necessarily read quite so smoothly. Which is a shame, as the sections written specifically for the collection by friends and colleagues all read very well, and the scripts and transcripts have some genuinely laugh-out-loud funny sections in them.

The book presents a trip through Linda's career, successfully highlighting just how funny she could be and how well liked she was by her colleagues, but the book suffers overall because of the format.