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The Visitor  - Lee Child Stupid, stupid, stupid. Such an annoying ending. What seemed like such a difficult problem - how (and why) do you kill a series of women, all ex-army, without leaving any traces or any signs of a struggle. In fact, they almost seem to have been complicit. The how (and who) was telegraphed fairly early and I hoped - so hard - that it was going to be red herring. That somehow, Lee Child was going to surprise us and come up with a fiendish technique that catch me unawares before the end of the book.

Sadly, instead, he decided to stick with the obvious, lazy, and frankly dubious method of killing that I feared it was going to be. Spoiling an otherwise well written novel. My annoyance definitely cost him at least a star.

Up until that point, I had high hopes, the novel was well written and appeared to have the potential for a complex outcome. I wonder, that by the time he'd come up with the scenario, he made it too complicated for there to be any other way of committing the murders (regardless of how improbable it actually is) and he couldn't think of any other way out of it.