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A Clash of Kings  - George R.R. Martin "That difficult second book" is normally a curse for series (I'm looking at you Harry Potter). Not so here. With a book this big and print this small I was expecting there to be a lot of waste to get through, but instead there's a lot of story. Not a particularly fast pace for the first two-thirds of the story, there's still a lot to keep the pages turning. Eventually the pressure builds to the faster pace of the all-out battle scene and leaves a lot of established characters in unexpected places ready for the third novel.

The book concentrates of Tyrion and Theon more than Robb - Tyrion is rapidly turning out to be my favourite character. Theon is a bit of a surprise though. He's a bit of a c**t. Surely we should have had more warning of this from the first novel, where I seem to recall him being more of a 'wallpaper' character...