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Astro Boy, Vols. 1 & 2 - Osamu Tezuka, Frederik L. Schodt I'd never read any Osamu Tezuka before, but we went to see the ballet, TeZuKa, at the Saddlers Wells Theatre earlier this week. An interesting mix of story telling, ballet and martial arts. Before the ballet was a talk by Helen McCarthy on Tezuka's life and works which was very interesting, but also made me realise I was missing out on a piece of Manga history with Tezuka.

The book itself is an English translation and collection of the first Astro Boy books. Six stories presented in the order they were written, with the exception of the first story which is the prequel, 'The Birth of Astro Boy', which provides a useful introduction for those of us that haven't been immersed in the Astro Boy history.

The drawing is both 'cute', as you'd expect for Manga, but manages to keep a strong sense of wit as well. The stories are both fun and engaging. They pull you along at just the right pace. If there was a weak one for me it was the 'White Planet' finale, which didn't really seem to be about Astro Boy at all.