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Of Withered Apples

Of Withered Apples - Philip K. Dick,  William Hootkins A short, and very strange, story from the BBC Radio archives. This was originally transmitted in 2008 on Radio 7 but was available from the BBC's Radio iPlayer now that Radio 7 is Radio 4extra. A departure for Dick – known much more for his science fiction – this is a spooky tale of an apple tree that is determined to survive. It does so by ensnaring a local woman into a sort of relationship – she certainly feels controlled by the tree and it's presented as a sort of abusive relationship – and somehow using her life-force to reinvigorate itself.

As an audio reading, William Hootkins has a fantastic voice for horror, able to push a fair amount of suspense into his over-dramatic style. Perfect for that slightly campy horror style. However, I struggle with audiobooks in general in that I just fail to maintain concentration. A couple of times this didn't quite keep me listening and I had to suddenly switch back into listening rather than thinking about something else.