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Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box - Mira Grant If the concept of Kindle locations maps evenly to pages across different books, I make this short story about 11 pages long. At £1.49 that's 13.5 pence per page. Which seems pretty expensive for a book. I probably wouldn't be complaining if the short story wasn't 'only' 50% of the download. Thinking I was approaching the half-way mark I was pretty disappointed to suddenly be presented with a page about Mira Grant, a photograph of her in an odd pose (I didn't read the accompanying text) and then the second half of the download is a preview chapter from the larger novel Feed. I felt cheated. Maybe if I hadn't already read Feed I at least could have read that to soften the let down. Rant over.

It's difficult to review Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box in too much detail without pretty much writing more than the story itself (sorry I'm ranting again – my grumpiness with standalone short stories is documented in other reviews). But, it's the story of a group of friends who met as students – mostly now couples by the sound of it – and began playing an interesting game: each member of the group takes a turn to describe an apocalypse scenario – some situation or event that could cripple society, destroy the world as we know it, etc. The rest of the group discuss, debate and argue the scenario while all enjoy drinks and each other's company. Until after 683 weeks of the game, Cole is unable to attend and sends her scenario in by tape. The debate becomes more than just debate, the group has a decision to make – one that will affect their lives and potentially those of everybody else.