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On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington, #1)

On Basilisk Station - David Weber My first introduction to Honor Harrington, or the wider 'Honorverse' as it's known. I'd heard a couple of people rave about the series and finding the first two novels available as a free download from the publisher prompted further investigation.

Honor Harrington's first book covers her fall and prompt rise within the Manticorian military ranks. All human settled systems, Manticore is in dispute with the larger People's Republic of Haven which is trying to expand aggressively. Tricked into testing a new weapon, against the odds she manages to use it to her advantage once, but then without the surprise the weapon isn't as useful as it's inventors expected. Rather than admitting it's lack of value, Honor is blamed and dumped with duty guarding a outstation - Basilisk Station. Even worse, when she gets there, she finds out that her Senior Officer is somebody that she had a bad history with during her academy days. And he's determined to make her life there a misery...

An initial prologue within Haven got me quite annoyed by an insistence on using obviously obsolete terminology - North, South, East and West - to describe directions in space. Surely even a basic bit of thought by an author or editor would have spotted that those terms no longer mean anything useful in the context of an inter-planetary strategy. Once the prologue was done though, the rest of the book was good, gripping and well paced. Hard to put down in fact, my initial annoyances aside. Honor was likeable and came across as a pretty well rounded, and defined, character. Nimitz was an interesting facet for her personality - conveniently providing her with some extra 'powers' and 'get-out-of-jail-free cards' later on I suspect.

Looking forward to the second free ebook as well, and at this rate I may even pay for the rest of the series.