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Die Trying  - Lee Child So, this time Jack Reacher is captured by some Waco style militia group. They've also captured a, coincidentally beautiful, FBI agent with a sports injury. Together they must escape, trust each other, fall a little bit in love, foil the bad guys, and maybe have a little bit of nookie on the way...

In fact coincidence is the key word in this novel, coincidence and cliché. Frankly there's way too much of them both throughout. The novel wavered between a 2-star and a 3-star for me. On the one hand the story was good and engaging. I wanted to keep reading to the end. On the other hand, some of the descriptive writing was so heavy handed it was laughable. I'm happy to put this down to second-novel nerves though. Just trying too hard to be better than the first success.

Finally, some of the story devices let it down too. Can anybody (even Jack Reacher) really pick up a sniper rifle they've never shot before and write a letter on a tree trunk several hundred yards away. And would they really want to 'make out' right next to the grave of the guy they just buried – especially as she keeps professing her love for some other chap we don't know about. They didn't ring even close to true.