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Colonel Sun (James Bond, #15) - Kingsley Amis, Robert Markham Bond is dead, long live Bond! With Ian Fleming no longer in a position to write Bond, the estate of Fleming approached Kingsley Amis to continue the story with a new novel. Rumoured to have completed Fleming's last novel, The Man With the Golden Gun, Amis was maybe the natural choice.

And to be honest, it's pretty good. Much slower paced than a Fleming at his best, this novel never really seems to quite hit the level of excitement or anticipation that it was presumably aiming for. M has been kidnapped, and the attempt to kidnap Bond has failed. Bond must head to Greece to get to the bottom of the whole affair, rescue M, have some sexy Greek sex and foil an international plot to disrupt a secret Russian meeting.

The book is well written, the style Flemingesque, just not at his best...