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WWE: Heroes: Rise of the Firstborn

WWE Heroes: Rise of the Firstborn - Keith Champagne I can only assume that Vince McMahon woke up one day and realised that there was a market segment that the WWE wasn't currently exploiting: comic books. Equally, having come to this realisation, Vince instructed his minions to find the first writer and artist that they could and instructed them to "make us money with that comic thing you do". I assume they weren't given much more direction than that – maybe a list of wrestlers names so they could spell them correctly.

Shades of Highlander – minus the artistic merit – the wrestlers are the modern day incarnations of immortals who are fighting a war throughout history: a war of good against evil. Triple H must fight against the naughty Josiah and they draw other wrestlers to their side. The book is such an obvious attempt to spread the money-making to a new market: the plot is ridiculous, the characters are wooden and it's so badly drawn that you have to hope that they address each other by name because you certainly won't recognise anybody by their drawing from one frame to the next.