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Echo Burning

Echo Burning  - Lee Child Another book in the Jack Reacher series from Lee Child - this is book number 5. As with any long-running series there are both stronger and weaker books, and in parts it can get predictable. I liked it a lot more than some reviewers have - David Kiell's review suggests that the book is nothing more than a continual repeat of the question "Is Carmen lying or telling the truth?". The pacing is certainly slower. I think Child has attempted to remove some of the action and try and replace it with more tension and suspense. And in the majority this works; I pretty much devoured this book in 2 days. You guess the baddie pretty early on, and while Child does nothing to dissuade you of that guess, equally he never lays it out for you as obvious - there's always a nugget of doubt that you might be wrong. And maybe you will be.

If you like Jack Reacher books, I think this is a pretty good one, but if you've read the others you'd read this anyway. If you don't like Jack Reacher books then you probably would have given up long before now. Me, I'm not paying to read these, so I'll keep going. I'm not sure I would if I had to buy them all...