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The Ascendant Stars (Humanity's Fire, #3)

The Ascendant Stars (Humanity's Fire, #3) - Michael Cobley The book starts with something more books in a series should do. Apart from the useful reference pages of characters, species and political systems, a very handy précis of the previous two novels - what each character had got up to and where they were left at the end of the previous book. Very useful as I certainly couldn't be bothered to read the previous book again - marks gained. That said, these things are only useful if the editor reads them before publication. Too many errors to be forgiven in this section - marks docked. Luckily the editor that did(n't) read the catch-up sections was on better form for the main novel.

Michael Cobley was also on much better form for this final novel in the trilogy. None of the dragging slowness of the second novel, almost a return to the promise of the first one. The finale seemed to be a long time coming, but I didn't feel it was being held off for the sake of it. Neither did it feel rushed when the ending did come.

A good ending to the trilogy, I just think the second novel could have been tighter and the editor should go on some retraining.