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Toy Cameras: Creative Photos

Toy Cameras: Creative Photos - Kevin Meredith 40 cameras, 40 articles and a whole bunch of example photographs. Lomokev is back again with his third book of photography. This time he's concentrating on explaining the possibilities that each of the different 'toy' cameras offers the photographer.

Covering the Holga, Diana, most of the Lomography canon, as well as some other oddities and even a digital toy camera. Each article provides a good overview of the camera, its specifications, strengths and weaknesses. But the majority of each article is really the selection of photographs that Kevin has selected to represent each camera. Mostly they are photographs by the author, but he's not shy of using the work of others when he thinks they provide better examples of the camera's capabilities. Sadly, although I bumped into Kevin in Barcelona when he was shooting the photographs for the book, his presumably dreadful photo of Louise and I with the split cam didn't make it into the final book.

As with all Lomokev books, I made sure to get a nice signed copy direct from the author.